Canadian Singer Allie X Responds To Allegation Of Animal Abuse


Canadian singer Allie X responded Monday to a claim that she left her dog in her car for 20 minutes while shopping in California.

The 37-year-old Toronto native, whose real name is Alexandra Hughes, said in a statement she shared on social media that her dog Koji was “completely okay” and only in the car for 11 minutes.

On Saturday, recording artist Simon Curtis posted a video clip on Twitter showing a woman – later identified as Allie X – pulling out of a parking spot.

“Anyone know this disgusting Karen?,” he wrote. “Found a golden lab panting and pouring saliva in a locked car in the bald a** open sun with closed windows and no AC in 95 degree heat at erewhon just now – we called security, the police, and stood with the car for almost 20 minutes…”

Curtis claimed “this foul f**king ghoul with her dumb ponytail braids came out and ROLLED HER EYES and sneered when she came out to find a small crowd around her car.” He added: “If anyone in Studio City knows who this horrid woman is, please chime in because this is NOT someone who should be in the care of a living being.”

In her statement, Allie X said “there was absolutely no ‘crowd forming’ around my car and absolutely nobody was ‘watching a dog die for over twenty minutes.’” She said she kept the windows of her car up because she had been “blasting” the air conditioning before getting out and “wanted to maintain the cool temp” for her dog.

But, Allie X added: “I regret doing anything that could hurt [Koji] in anyway (sic), and I won’t do it again.”

The singer suggested Curtis should have had a conversation with her instead of a confrontation.

“Bullying me, making fun of the way I look etc feels like a strange way to fight for animal rights,” she wrote. "We all have our own ways of communicating and I understand you were very upset in the moment.

“I felt cornered and scared of you.”

Allie X said she has “received hundreds of attacks and death threats made more terrifying by the fact that this person posted my face and my identifiable information with the sole intent to dox me.”

On Monday, Curtis tweeted: “I stand by my exact account of the events as they transpired, because they are exactly what happened.

“I arrived to my car at 6:13pm to find this dog locked in the car ahead of me, in 95° heat, without AC, and without cracked windows. We frantically searched for the owner, called security, and by 6:24, the police (to come break the window).”

Curtis said he posted the video in order to identify the pet owner “who laughed in the face of 4 people waiting near her car (me, my partner, Sportmans Lodge security, and another concerned man), for exactly 17 minutes – almost TWENTY minutes of hoping this dog didn’t die.”

Read Allie X's full statement below:

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