Pet Patrol

Lost or Found a Pet?

Have you lost or found a pet in our community? Send your information to the email link below and we will post the details to our page on the right side and to our Facebook page at our earliest convenience. Please include your phone number so we may contact you for a photo.

Things you should include in your email are:

  • Cat or Dog & their approximate age
  • Date Lost (or Found)
  • Area (or address) of lost or found pet
  • Description and Identifying Marks
  • Tags and or Licence Information
  • Your Contact Name and Phone number

We are not able to advertise missing pets without a contact phone number.
Please be sure to include a phone number in your email along with any
other indentifying information above. We can also use your email or phone
number to contact you for a photo if you have one.

Send your e-mail to the Pet Patrol today by filling out the form below and including all your information!

Pet Patrol Contact

Send your information, as much as you can give, and we will post the details here to the Pet Patrol page as well as our Facebook page at our earliest convenience. We will also contact you for a pet photo that we can use for our listing.