Heavy rains will mean more swimming advisories at local beaches

barrie beaches

We do have a chance for some scattered and isolated showers or storms today - but nothing like the intense bands of thunderstorms that rolled through Central Ontario yesterday and into last night, bringing torrential rains, high winds and some pretty scary looking clouds.

Temperatures will remain hot and humid today - and in the southwestern part of the province they are once again expecting humidex readings into the 40s. Closer to home it will be 27 feeling like 35. But a word of caution if you plan on beating the heat at your local beach.

E-coli levels typically go up for two days after storm runoff gets into our rivers and lakes.

As of yesterday, eight local beaches were already posted with swimming advisories, including Minet's Point in Barrie, Pete Petterson park in Midland and Woodland Beach in Tiny.

Once testing is done, that number is likely to go up.

You can find the full list of beaches impacted by swimming advisories here.

During a swimming advisory, the beach is posted with warning signs that the most recent water samples showed bacteria in numbers that may increase your risk of developing minor skin, eye, ear, nose or throat infections or stomach illness. If you choose to swim during a swimming advisory avoid dunking your head or swallowing the water.