Lyft Driver Accused Of Stealing Ozzy Osbourne's Clothes


A Lyft driver in Los Angeles was accused Wednesday of “knowingly” driving off with clothing belonging to rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

“EMERGENCY!!!! One of your drivers just knowingly drove off with all of my dads [sic] cloths [sic] in the back seat of her car,” read a tweet from Kelly Osbourne to Lyft. “We can’t reach her or you. Please contact me immediately. We are calling the police right now!”

She later shared a screenshot from her app – which was subsequently deleted – showing the details of the $15.19 U.S. trip.

“This is licence plate, make model and name of the lady who has taken my dads [sic] clothes,” Osbourne wrote. “This is grand left [sic] the police are now looking for her.”

In California, grand theft applies to property worth more than $950 U.S.

It is not clear if it was a misunderstanding or a crime but, two hours later, Osbourne tweeted an update in which she thanked Lyft and the Los Angeles Police Department “for helping us track down the clothes.”

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