Parallel parking, 3-point turns, emergency stops removed from G road tests


The province's plan to temporarily streamline road tests by eliminating some aspects of the G road test is raising concerns by driver training professionals.

"Three-point turns and the emergency stop are the two that are most concerning from a safety perspective to be eliminated," said the President and CEO of DriveWise, Lesley de Repentigny.

"Duplicative" manoeuvres included in the G2 test, like roadside stops, three-point turns, and parallel parking, will be temporarily paused to allow driving centres to conduct 30 per cent more tests per day.

de Repentigny worries the changes will see drivers passing testing without demonstrating the necessary skills.

"I think it will be a better question for the insurance companies in a few years, especially with the parallel parking," she added.

But with a full parking lot outside the drive test centre in Barrie on Wednesday, de Repentigny admitted there are hundreds of students waiting, some up to 60 days, for road tests.

"They need it for employment. They need it for school. They need it to get to co-op placements, and they're in a really tough position," she noted.

The province estimates more than 400,000 driving tests were cancelled since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

The temporary changes will be in effect until at least March 31, with the potential of being extended.


Katelyn Wilson Barrie Video Journalist