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  • Today is Jayne Pritchard's last day at CTV News Barrie

    After 40 years, Jayne Pritchard is retiring today from CTV News Barrie.  Wix and Meg had a chance to chat with her about her start, favourite interviews, her book and what is next.  Please take a listen to this lovely member of our community's parting words.  Congrats Jayne!
  • No Mow May

    "No Mow May" seems to be the big thing trending this month. Kevin explains briefly what No Mow May is and how it benefits Bees and Wildflowers.
  • Toddler Orders 31 Cheeseburgers On DoorDash

    I laughed hard at the clip of this mom explaining how her toddler opened up her DoorDash app and had 31 cheeseburgers from McDonalds ordered. ~ Josh
  • Artists Who Surprisingly Never Went #1

    I came across a list of musicians who shockingly never had a #1 song. Here is a partial list here. ~ Josh
  • Orillia Treasure Hunt is BACK !!

    They say one man's garbage, is another man's treasure.     And while they're not promoting garbage, Orillia's summer Treasure Hunts are back, and Wix and Meg tell you how it all works, and how you might just find a..... Treasure. 
  • Barrie Cemetery Tour

    Local Barrie Town Crier will be hosting a free tour at Barrie Union Cemetery to talk about stories from the city’s past through the people who are buried there.

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