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  • Mom Tries To Explain Cassette Tapes To Her Daughter

    Explaining the way things used to be generates some hilarious responses from children. My kids were flabbergasted that we once had to wait for a specific night to watch a show. Listen as Josh and Wix play audio of a woman explaining cassette tapes to her daughter. 
  • Ummmm, Where Did My Roof Go?

    We've all heard of horror stories when it comes to house renos but this one may take the cake!
  • Finally got Wind Chimes

    A few weeks ago Kevin was talking about getting Wind Chimes and was worried about how his neighbors would react. Well, he finally got one and a listener tells her experience about her former neighbors and her windchimes.
  • Naked Pickleball Anyone?

    Listen as Josh talks about a sport that is apparently gaining popularity in the clothing optional community.
  • RanDUMB Facts - June 24

    On today's RanDUMB Facts we talk the first ever speeding ticket, coffee makers in cars and a close encounter of the 7th kind is doing what with an alien?!?
  • Where can you donate for Tampon Tuesday?

    For the next few weeks Bounce 104.1 & Pure Country 106 are doing Tampon Tuesday with participating Shopper's Drug Marts in Midland, Penetang, Beeton and Innisfil! There are boxes set up at the front of the store for you to donate tampons, pads, menstrual cups and poise products.  United Way will distribute them to local food banks.   Thank you to everyone who is donating!  Menstrual products are one of the most requested yet least donated items to food banks.  We talk to Leah from The United Way about why this is.  

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