Summerland Council endorses the Eco-Village Concept Plan 


District of Summerland Council has endorsed the Eco-Village Concept Plan for the future development of the District's property at 13500 Prairie Valley Road.  

The project aligns with Council's strategic priority theme of Community Resiliency, which focuses on utilizing resources to create and adapt programs and services that support a vibrant and livable community.

Consultation and engagement with Penticton Indian Band has been initiated and is ongoing; their views are respected regarding the cultural and environmental values of the area and will be critical to the ultimate success of the project. 
The Concept Plan includes the following highlights: 
o    A 47-acre natural park dedicated as a District-managed park (similar to Giant's Head Mountain Park) that maintains and enhances the existing Cartwright Mountain Trail system for recreational hiking, equestrian use, and mountain biking. This land area represents 71% of the District's total land area holdings in the subject location and preserves the highest environmentally sensitive areas of the subject property through re-designation of these areas from institutional to parkland zoning. 
o    A separate public utility lot for the proposed solar and battery storage project which is proposed to be located on brownfield land previously used for a District maintenance yard. 
o    Up to a total of 146 residential dwelling units, including a mix of housing styles and diversity, including medium density townhouses, small 'cottage style' single family homes, and potential for higher density apartments in select locations. 
o    Low-impact, energy efficient building design that encourages use of passive solar principles. 
o    Local neighbourhood parks and an integrated trailhead (total 8.2 acres) that preserve culturally sensitive view corridors, vista points to Prairie Valley, and protection of high environmentally sensitive areas.  
o    A 'community hub' located at the heart of the eco-village site to offer flexible programming and provide a distinct community amenity for the "village" residents and visitors. 
"I am very excited to see the Eco-Village Concept Plan get formally endorsed by Council as a guiding document for the District's property on Prairie Valley Road," said Mayor Toni Boot. "The vision of the plan is forward-thinking and sets an example for the development community of the standards for an environmentally-friendly, hillside development that may be replicated locally, regionally, and nationally. The project will complement the District's solar and battery storage project in the vicinity, and help the District address its housing supply needs by bringing new units to the market." 
A copy of the Eco-Village Concept Plan can be viewed on the District's website.