Billie Eilish Fans In Canada React To Her Tour Claim


Some of Billie Eilish’s Canadian fans were taken aback by something she said in her sixth annual Vanity Fair interview.

“I finally got to tour again. I accomplished and finished a full world tour,” Eilish said at the 2:18 mark in the video. “Didn’t miss one date, which is really exciting.”

It’s true that she didn’t miss one date – she missed two. Eilish scrapped Happier Than Ever Tour stops in Toronto and Montreal.

“billie I think I have something to tell you,” Toronto-based digital marketer and content creator Jillian Maniquis (@jeingbill) captioned a TikTok post this week.

@jeingbill billie i think i have something to tell you #billieeilish #billieeilishvanityfair #billieeilishinterview #billieeilishyear6 #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ original sound - jillian | @jeingbill

“the way I gasped when she said that,” a fan wrote in the comments. Another wrote: “Literally when she said this I was like hold up…”

One fan shared “I laughed out loud Omg” and another wrote “I blurted out ‘yes you did.’” Someone else admitted Eilish’s statement “was painfulllll, like darling ily but did u forget about us?”

Other comments included “it stingsss,” “I yelled at the screen” and “this one hurt LMFAO.”

It’s likely Eilish was celebrating the fact that she didn’t miss any concerts due to illness. (“It wasn’t her fault so it doesn’t count,” noted one fan in the comments of the @jeingbill post.)

In late January, Eilish announced that her Feb. 15 show in Montreal and Feb. 16 show in Toronto were being postponed due to COVID-related capacity restrictions at the venues at the time. Fans were told “details on rescheduled dates” would be forthcoming and “tickets will be honoured for the new dates.”

But, new dates were never announced and, in May, reported that the concerts were cancelled.

And, even though Eilish performed in Vancouver, some fans took her comment as a diss of Canada.

“we don’t count ig,” read one comment on Maniquis' post. Another wrote: “Canada just doesn’t exist I guess.”

There were similar reactions to Eilish's declaration on Twitter. @isismace16 opined "So Montreal and Toronto are no longer a thing" and @h8theway wrote "montreal and toronto beg to differ."

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