Northwest Regional airport receives $300,000 for gated parking.

NW Airport Parking 2

The Northwest Regional Airport has received $300,000 from the Northern Development Initiative Trust to upgrade its parking system. This is the first of three construction phases to enhance the long-term parking at the airport. 

Airport General Manager Carman Hendry says the money will go towards a gated system with cameras recording when a vehicle arrives and exits using licence plate recognition. He says they hope the upgrades will be completed by the end of December.

"The benefit towards the airport is we will be able to capture a lot more of the costs from long-term parking. At the present time, it is difficult to get out enforce the parking rules that we have, so this will assist us greatly with that."

The advantages for customers include not needing to exit their vehicle and only paying for the time spent in the lot. In addition, patrons will no longer have to estimate the parking duration, which Hendry says helps when flights are delayed.