'SNL' Pokes Fun At Drake With 'United Tingz Of Aubrey'


Drake was skewered on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live in a sketch about a union of women mentioned in the Canadian rap star’s songs.

“It is time that we stand up and fight for our rights as tingz in a united front,” cast member Punkie Johnson said of the "United Tingz of Aubrey."

“My name is Courtney and I left Drake a voicemail once about an overdue car payment and now I’m an interlude on an album,” said Ego Nwodim. “How does that work?”

(Drake mentions a “Courtney” in his 2013 track “From Time.”)

SNL host Keke Palmer said: “My name is Keke Palmer and that ‘Keke do you love me’ song ruined my damn life, That man had the whole internet asking if I was the Keke. Well yes, I am the Keke, just not that Keke.

“It was my name first. Stop acting like we smashed and give me my damn $6 million.”

(“Keke” is mentioned in Drake’s 2018 track “In My Feelings.”)

Chloe Fineman declared “we may have started from the bottom but we still here” before Palmer explained that “union membership is not dependent on dating Drake” and listed other qualifications, including “if you met Drake at a basketball game.”

The women added: “Here at United Tingz of Aubrey we believe in a brighter future. One where Tingz can be left alone. And your name stays out of Drake’s mouth.”

They then held up photos of Drake and sang a custom version of “Seasons of Love” from Rent.

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