Tillicum Twin Theaters ready to reopen their doors in Terrace

Tillicum Twin Theaters in Terrace is just about ready to once again open its doors to the public.

The Theater which has been forced to close due to the pandemic will once again be showing movies to the community beginning on June 18th. While they will only be allowed to have up to 50 patrons per showing, they will try to counter this by hosting as many shows as possible a day.

They will also keep many of the previously enforced guidelines before they were forced to close such as mandatory masks and having an usher show you to your seat. Co-owner of the theater, Diane Robinson says that while she is happy to be back in business, she is still very nervous.

"I'm still on the fence, because you know, businesses have been shut down before, things have climbed. Unfortunately when they said they were going to go by area, the province didn't. They made a blanket for the province, so I'm a little nervous about that. I'll be happy when we get to one month open. That's my goal."

Tillicum Twin Theaters have been able to stay in operation thanks to a variety of government grants, including one which has to be used to help refurbish your business, which they are spending on installing new seats for their Haida Theater. Robinson also says that while they progress they will continue to show two films at a time, one for children, and one for an older audience.