Kitchener teen creates intricate prom dress out of duct tape

Avalon Hagerman spent 157 hours creating a prom dress made entirely of duct tape. (Stuck at Prom contest gallery)

A recent graduate from Kitchener Collegiate Institute has spent 157 hours creating a prom dress made entirely of duct tape.

Avalon Hagerman, 19, says she has used 25 rolls of duct tape to create the dress and its matching accessories for a Duck Brand’s 2022 “stuck-at-prom” contest.

The contest winner will take home a $10,000 cash college scholarship.

“I pulled a couple of all-nighters, so I was a little tired, but in the end, I was super proud of what I made,” said Hagerman.

Hagerman was selected as one of ten finalists by the contest’s judges and is the only Canadian finalist to be featured in the duct tape prom dress category.

“Everybody is so talented," said Hagerman. "To be chosen to be one of the top, I was pretty proud."

Her father, Brent Hagerman, said she is very musical, artsy and independent, meaning she can pick up skills quickly.

“To see the finished product, it was really just breathtaking,” he said.

Hagerman said while the scholarship would be helpful as she prepares to study at the University of Toronto in the humanitarian program, she said the dress was made out of her love for art.


As for inspiration, Hagerman said she used her anxious thoughts about going to university and moving away from home.

“When I was designing it, I was super excited like, I cannot wait to start it, and when I was crafting it, I was like wow,” said Hagerman. “I’ve never used duct tape before, and it was a little difficult.”

Hagerman said she couldn’t be happier with how the dress and accessories turned out, along with the meaning it conveys.

“I have different elements like the swirls and choker that show feelings of anxiety but also flowers to show personal growth,” she said.

Hagerman said her goal through this process is to convey hope through this piece and continue designing as a hobby.

“Even when you’re anxious, even when you’re having a hard time, there’s still good parts of life," said Hagerman. “You’re going to get through this, and you’ll learn things along the way.”

The contest has moved into the voting stage, and the contestant who secures the most votes will be crowned the winner.

You can vote and see other duct tape prom creations here.