Local farms help to feed low-income families

If a pot of soup can soothe the soul, 50 litres could uplift a community.

Half-a-dozen people hosted a cooking bee with donated groceries from several local farms to create hearty broth for community meal boxes.

The Fresh Food Daily meal box contains soup broth made with pork bones, carrots, onions and spices.

Fresh Food Daily will freeze the broth in one-litre containers for its first delivery on June 22.

Each of the 50 meal boxes will include dairy products, meat, bread, a dessert and two veggie side dishes.

I’m amazed at all the great deals and donations we’ve been able to get for these,” said organizer Leah Dyke.

Stone Horse Farm, Thorganic Farms and Dominion Farms have all contributed to the simmering broth initiative.

Fresh Food Daily boxes can be purchased for $37 on behalf of a low-income family.