Monsters, music, and merriment: Downtown Spark aims to invigorate city’s core

If you visit downtown Edmonton in the next 11 days, you might see some strange and unusual sights. Art installations and musical performances are popping up throughout the area as part of Downtown Spark.

Puneeta McBryan of the Downtown Business Association says it’s the perfect time to remind people of all that the area has to offer.

“I think downtown just sort of fell out of a lot of people’s routine over COVID. We all sort of stayed a little bit closer to our neighbourhoods, our homes, working from home, so this is really about getting people back in the habit of coming downtown for weekends, for workdays,” she said.

From wacky inflatables on historic buildings, to lunch hour musical performances, to a dog party in the park, there’s something for Edmontonians of all ages.

“It’s sort of the shoulder season for festivals, so the big festivals aren’t starting until later in the summer, but people want to get out and do things right now,” said McBryan.

“It’s just reintroducing everyone to downtown.”

You can find a list of Downtown Spark events online.