NDP signs defaced in London North Centre

NDP Candidate Terence Kernaghan signs defaced in London North Centre, May 26, 2022. (Marek Sutherland/CTV News London)

Some NDP campaign signs in London North Centre have been defaced.

Signs belonging to Terence Kernaghan on Proudfoot Lane and on Oxford Street between Wharlcliffe and Wonderland roads, could be seen marked up with white spray paint.

"You can never take these things personally because politics is really about the people we serve. While we've seen some minor sign damage, we would never condone any damages that are discriminatory or hateful,” said Kerhaghan in a statement to CTV News London.

Also running in London North Centre are Liberal Kate Graham, Conservative Jerry Pribili, Green Caryl Dyck, Ontario Party Darrel Grant, New Blue Tommy Caldwell, Consensus George Le Mac and Freedom Party Paul McKeever.

Ontario voters go to the polls on June 2.