WATCH: B.C. Drummer Brandon Toews Plays 'Every Rush Song Ever'


There are tributes to Rush, and then there are tributes to Rush.

To mark the second anniversary of the death of drummer Neil Peart, Vancouver’s Brandon Toews performed a medley of every song by the Canadian band, in chronological order.

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, Toews plays drums to 175 Rush tracks in just over 24 minutes. The author of books on drumming, who graduated from Edmonton’s MacEwan University with a degree in music, reportedly spent 10 weeks crafting the medley.

“Neil was one of my biggest influences growing up – I remember spending hours upon hours trying to learn Rush songs like ‘Tom Sawyer’ and ‘La Villa Strangiato,’ and watching all of the Rush concert DVDs over and over to study Neil’s playing,” he explained in a Facebook post.

According to a description of the video, “the setup Brandon used for this performance incorporates different elements from the drum kits Neil used over his 40 years with Rush. This includes the legendary tubular bells, gong drum, and electronic pads.”

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