Police investigate gunshots on residential street in Owen Sound

FILE IMAGE (Courtesy/Owen Sound Police Service)

Police in Owen Sound are investigating after reports of a passenger in a car firing a gun at another vehicle as the two travelled through a residential area.

Police say witnesses saw the two vehicles travelling north on Fifth Avenue East in the area of 900 block around 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

Officers say the vehicles appeared to be travelling "in tandem" when the passenger in the lead vehicle leaned out the window and fired "multiple shots at the trailing vehicle."

They say the vehicle that was being shot at stopped abruptly and left southbound while the lead vehicle continued west on 10th Street East.

Police say a parked vehicle was hit with a stray bullet, and officers found multiple bullet casings from the road.

It's not known if the occupants of the vehicles knew each other, or if this was possbily an act of road rage.

Anyone with information, security camera or dash cam footage of the incident is asked to contact police at 519-376-1234 or Crime Stoppers.

Additionally, anyone with damage to their property is asked to contact the police.