• Oct. 16, JC, Peter, and Melody Rose, C100 Mornings

    On this episode, scolded by a stranger, not for what she said but how she said it; did Peter save his own life or did he commit a crime against humanity, AND how Jennifer Anniston set an Instagram world record with a little help from some Friends.

  • NYMHM Oct 15

    Blake Shelton, Mama June, and recycled bathroom tissue; all coming up on News You May Have Missed. 

  • CTV's Steve Murphy joins C100 Mornings every weekday.

    We set a record for the number of voters who turned out for the advance-poll in the federal election. What are the implications?

  • Oct 15 Podcast JC, Peter, and Melody Rose

    In this episode, The case of the tattooed bridesmaid, scientific proof of the worst sound in the world, and try out your trivia skills with this mornings thousand dollar winner on Thousand Dollar Minute.

  • Oct. 11, JC, Peter, and Melody Rose, C100 Mornings

    What’s your definition of clean? Chances are your partner has a different definition and that can lead to the number one reason couples argue. We tackle that topic on this episode, along with News You May Have Missed, rumours that Harry and Meghan and moving to Canada and much more.

  • Murphy’s Law – Man Overboard!

    CTV 6 O’clock News Anchor, Steve Murphy, joins us every morning to discuss the big story of the day. This morning it was about that guy who went overboard from a ferry while crossing the harbour.