Amy's Adventures with The Flu


Today is the first day I feel somewhat normal in a week.

 To quote my boyfriend “if it was the 1800, this would of killed us.” I can’t remember the last time I was that sick. I physically couldn’t get out of bed for a week. I tried to go to work Wednesday but only made it half the day before I had to go back to bed.

You know what else is fun, when the coronavirus is going around and has all the same symptoms as the flu and you’re so sick and weak, you’re convinced that’s what you have!

This round of flu is nasty so please if you’re sick STAY HOME! Let’s not spread more germs than we need to!

Always wash your hands

Keep your hands away from your face — and far from your mouth and nose

Clean communal surfaces at least once a day

Get the flu shot ( I didn’t get one but you best believe I will next year)