Hey Health Workers... THANK YOU!!!!!!


2020 has been cancelled! Seriously… what a year! From the threat of WW3 to Australia burning to a worldwide pandemic… and it’s only March!

Right now, most everything has been cancelled; schools, offices, all events, even the boarders.

But you know what hasn’t been cancelled, hospitals!

I want to give a big shout out to all medical workers who put their health on the line every day to help others. To the medical professionals at 811 who have been flooded with calls, to first responders to the nurses, doctors and all the staff at hospitals! Thank you!

The community who are at the highest risk are not stepping back. In Quebec, there’s such a shortage of nurses that they’re asking retired nurses to come back to help during this time.

Nurses are underpaid, overworked but still show up every day and really shine during a crisis!

Know that we see you and we appreciate you more than you’ll know!


Thank you!!!!