JC, Peter, and Melody Rose-A friend of C100 needs a service dog.


Mackenzie Joy is a sweet, kind and caring 14 year old and her life would be so-much better with a service dog. Mackenzie is great friend to C100. We met her when she was featured in one of our IWK Radiothon stories a few years back. She fundraises for the IWK by selling the beautiful photographs she takes and now it’s time to help her fundraise for a new cause, NEADS World Class Service Dogs. Mackenzie is already half way to her $8000 goal.


Mackenzie Joy was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality. As a result, Mackenzie has a number of diagnoses, including cleft palate (which impacts her speech clarity), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Combined type), Global Developmental Delay, mild intellectual disability, celiac disease, and epilepsy. She takes medication daily to control and manage seizures, as well as symptoms of her ADHD.


Evenings are certainly the most challenging for Mackenzie and her family. The benefits and effects of medication for ADHD subside in the evenings and as a result, Mackenzie has more impulsive behavior and also difficulty controlling her emotions. Bedtime is also another time of significant anxiety for Mackenzie, not wanting to be left alone and waking throughout the night. A service dog will help Mackenzie the most at night.


You can read more about Mackenzie and help her fundraise for the group that will help her finally take home her service dog here


We’ll keep you posted on how Mackenzie’s fundraising is going. Listen weekdays, 5:30 to 9, JC, Peter, and Melody Rose, on C100.