#LifeWithCharlie - 2020 WILL Be The Year Of K8!


Well, I did it!

I made it through the Holidays dry! Hit the 7 month mark, actually.

You know what else I did? I ATE. A LOT.

For the last 222 days, I turned to food to replace the booze. I told myself, “It’s fine. One battle at a time.” Now…40lbs later (DEAD ASS SERIOUS. FORTY) I’m KICKING myself.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m still a 10 ;) I’m just a 10 with a lil’ more ‘junk in the trunk’ than I’d like. SO, will I diet? Not exactly. Will I exercise? Maybe a lil’.

I just signed up for ‘Zoom’…Have you heard of it? It’s an app where I can keep track of what I’m eating/doing…Something to hopefully ‘hold me accountable’.

A few things I can easily and WILL Do are things like choosing a hot tea over a cold PINT of ice cream. I mean, have you tried ‘David’s Tea – Forever Nuts’?? SHOOT. I’ll have carrots and hummus, instead of chips and dip…Use spices, rather than sauces.

And as for the whole ‘exercise thing’…Eventually I will get into some sort of workout routine but for now, I will choose the stairs over the elevator and get out for walks with my mini…When it isn’t -20…

Most importantly, I WILL keep on loving my new, sober, ‘swollen’ self.

Here’s to 2020 – The year Of K8!