#LifeWithCharlie - A Thin Line Between Parent & Friend


As I lay here looking over my not so little girl sleeping I feel enormous guilt. See, I had to put Charlie on a time out tonight, something I don’t often do. Not because she is so well behaved, but because I literally die a little inside every time she cries. ESPECIALLY if her tears are a reaction to MY actions...no matter how warranted they may be.

This is a kid that has to constantly watch what she eats. A kid that has to sit on the sidelines when her sugars drop while all her other friends get to keep playing. A kid that gets insulin injections 6 times a day. A kid that gets woken up multiple times a night to drink juice so that she will actually WAKE UP in the morning at all.

She is also a kid who very much cares about her friends and family and their well being. A kid that, at the age of 5, helps educate others about her ‘condition’ and makes sure no one is uncomfortable with it. She is the kid that sits with the kid sitting all by them-self at lunch.

So even though she can also be the kid that throws a tantrum because I picked out the wrong outfit, or tell her she can’t watch her tablet, it takes EVERYTHING in me to follow through with any ACTUAL consequences.

As I lay here watching over my not so little girl sleeping, I’ll forgive myself for yelling and instead of guilt, feel enormous appreciation for the kid that teaches me SO much every single day.