#LifeWithCharlie - And Just Like THAT, She's Off To School!


I used to dress Charlie up for ‘Back To School’ even though she wasn’t going. I’m just a sucker for #FallFashion.

Now I’m ACTUALLY dressing her up for ‘Back To School’ because she’s ACTUALLY going ‘Back To School’!


Parents have been warning me about this day and how quickly it would come since day one. But no matter how many times I heard it, I never really HEARD it.

Not only do I have the ‘normal’ BTS jitters, I have BTS with Diabetes jitters. Charlie is a VERY smart little girl but no matter how much we teach and prepare them for this day, kids are just that, kids.

I worry that she won’t eat enough of her carbs. I worry that she’ll eat too many carbs. I worry that she might clam up and not tell anyone she’s feeling ‘low. I worry that she will have high sugars with all of the excitement and have an ‘accident’ in class. (She can’t control her bladder in that state).

I just worry.

Thing is, we all worry. We always will. All we can do is our best and hope that for them as we send them off into the big scary world.

Good luck to all the 1st timers and experienced parents, alike. We have a BIG day this week!

Now…what is she gonna wear for picture day???