#LifeWithCharlie - And So The Bullying Begins...


It’s the age old, “he’s just teasing you because he likes you”.


We’re only 2 weeks into ‘Back To School’ and the bullying has begun.

Charlie and I were chatting about her day last night and she told me about some kid (a boy), that chases her everyday on the playground calling her, “Fattie”.


Jesus, take the wheel.

Now, I gave her a few ‘suggestions’ on how to deal with this kid, and thankfully she isn’t taking any of my advice (LOL) She has decided that she’s gonna go with, “You’re just JEALOUS”…Which is obviously the case ;) She also said that if he continues, she’ll wave her fist and tell him to, “Get goin’ before he gets it” (Again…LOL)

I just don’t get how kids can be so mean at such a young age. It has be learned from their parents, right? Based on his choice of insult, perhaps something he’s hearing at home?

It’s minor compared to what I’m SURE we’ll have to deal with as her career in school continues, but it still hurts feeling just the same.

PLEASE, teach your kids to be kind. They are our future and if he is an example of what’s to come, we’re SCREWED.

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