#LifeWithCharlie - Back To School Blues? NOT FOR THIS KID!


The only person more FRUSTRATED then you, with the school closures these past few days, is Charlie!

She absolutely LOVES it! (Not that I’m surprised)

We were actually allowed to go in to her classroom with her for a hot minute, but she wasn’t havin’ it. Her words, exactly? “BIEEEEEEEE”

The teacher and I have agreed to frequent texts throughout the day to keep me in the loop with her blood sugars etc, but we never got a single one! WHAT A RELIEF!

Afterschool pick up was the absolute SWEETEST! She RAN to me, all smiles, “Mommy, Mommy! I ate all my lunch!”

She knows how much I worry about her eating when she needs to. GAWD LOVE HER!

I know this could change after a week or two of the routine but for now, it’s a WIN!