#LifeWithCharlie - Camping With Type One


This past weekend, Charlie and I had a LIFE CHANGING experience @ D-Camp.

Twice a year, 'Diabetes Canada' hosts ‘Family Camps’ (@ Brigadoon in the Annapolis Valley) for families living with Type One Diabetes and as most of you know, Charlie was diagnosed almost 2 years ago.

The validation I felt being surrounded with people who ACTUALLY GET what we go through on a daily basis was nothing short of incredible.

The entire staff, for the most part, also live with Type One and for a Mom sending her kid off on her own for a lot of the weekend to take part in a range of activities, is total peace of mind.

We did team games, archery, canoeing, an obstacle course, mystery solving and even campfire sing-a-longs. SO FUN.

There was also lot’s of learning for both Charlie and I. Getting to chat with young adults/adults living with T1 was SO helpful. There are so many things that I would have never even THOUGHT of dealing with as Charlie grows up. Things like, if her sugars drop or spike while writing a test, she’ll need extra time to write because she simply can’t concentrate in that state. Or, when (as a parent) to step back and let her take care of things herself. That sometimes she’ll just need me to listen, NOT help.

These families are now OUR families and I'm so happy to have them. It really is like they say, “It Takes A Village”, and Brigadoon Village, is the very best of.

If you and your family live with a chronic illness, and not just Diabetes, I HIGHLY recommend looking into camp. You’ll be SO glad you did, once you do.

PS - If You're the parent of any of the Camp Leaders, you should be over the MOON proud. You have raised some EXTRAORDINARY human beings.

See you in the Spring, D-Camp!

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