#LifeWithCharlie - Does The Tooth Fairy HAVE To Exist?

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At what point in life did someone say to themselves, “Self, Imma buy these here teeth my youngin’ lost”.

And why a ‘fairy’? What does said fairy DO with these teeth?!

I did look it up (briefly) and basically it’s just an old tradition, sometimes used to encourage kids to have good oral care. Another ‘bribe’, if you will. “If you don’t brush your teeth, the Tooth Fairy isn’t gonna come! She (or he?) doesn’t want your dirty old teeth”.

With SO many things to keep straight throughout Charlie’s childhood, Santa, The Easter Bunny and seeing lies on her tongue (😉) WHY do I need THIS too?!

Charlie has yet to lose her first tooth and I am seriously debating whether or not we even DO the Tooth Fairy.

The pros? ALL OF IT! I never need change. I never have to keep the story straight and it’s one less reason to get up in the middle of the night. I do that enough!

The cons? She might (probably will) tell her friends our truth. She feels like she’s missing out on something her friends get to experience.

I mean, seriously take a minute and think about it. A fairy comes into your house in the middle of the night to BUY your old dead teeth.

It’s WEIRD!!

Ultimately, I’ll do what’s right for OUR family but I’m curious...Would I be the worst Mom EVER if I decide I don’t wanna be the Tooth Fairy?!

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