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While a lot of you are probably desperate to get away from your Husbands after all this quarantining, I missed mine.

We started out as best friends years ago, started dating, had Charlie and got married. 10 years later, we went our separate ways.

The pressure was too much. Our daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, our house was an absolute NIGHTMARE (see previous blogs) and we both drank WAY too much.

We spent a year apart and for the most part, got along pretty good.

Then came Covid.

Having Charlie alone most of the time was too much for me. He had stayed in the house (aka the nightmare) and it is completely gutted down to the studs for renovations so she couldn’t stay with him until the weather got better so she could stay in our camper.

Once she started staying with him, I got some ‘me time’ and he got a first hand look at how hard it is to be alone with her. Taking care of her diabetes really is an ‘all hands on deck’ kinda deal.

He was an AMAZING help through this whole pandemic. I saw a him I had never seen before. He was always caring and kind but this was different.

And then, he stopped drinking too.

This was a total game changer for me. For us. I’m not saying HIS drinking was the problem but it certainly didn’t help.

And I’m not saying if he still drank I wouldn’t try to make our marriage work, but it certainly DOES help.

Charlie and I have been camping in the camper with her Dad for the past week or so and I’ve never seen her happier. I’ve never been happier, actually.

I have always wanted to make things work for her, but now I want to make things work for me. For all of us.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even put my rings back on soon 😉

It’s no different than my sobriety, really. We can make it work if we just take it one day at a time.

Wish us luck! 

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