#LifeWithCharlie - It's Time To Get Our Vote On!


If there is one thing I know NOTHING about, it’s politics.

You are going to HATE ON ME for this, but I have NEVER voted. In my 20(ish) years of being able to have a say in what essentially dictates our everyday life, I have not ONCE taken advantage of that.

Honestly, every year, I do those online questionnaire things to see what side I seem to be on and have ALL intentions of getting out to vote, but I’ve never REALLY felt strongly enough about any of our choices to make one.

I often think, “well, I’ll just vote for whoever my parents vote for”, but that doesn’t really make sense either. We obviously have, for the most part, the same values but we are two completely different generations.

So, will I be voting this year?

Let me go do another one of those online thingies and I’ll get back to you ;)

Just kidding. I want to be a good example for Charlie. I want her to learn early on that her voice matters. I want her to WANT to vote when she can.

So, will I be voting this year?

Yes. Yes I will.

…I’m still gonna do another online thingie though.