#LifeWithCharlie - Just Because I Don’t Drink, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

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My name is Kate and I’m an alcoholic. I haven’t had a drink in 425 days.

What’s your name? Are you an alcoholic? Can you enjoy drinks on the deck without going full tilt into the abyss? Can you get up the next day and NOT do that all over again?

Hell. I don’t even care how you answer those! (obviously I may be concerned, though)

Just because I’M not drinking, doesn’t mean YOU cant.

Obviously, there haven’t been many ‘get togethers’ in the past couple of months but when I am around, people are uncomfortable. Or even WORSE, people just don’t want me around.

Imagine?! Not wanting to be around ME?! 🤓

Please! Don’t apologize for having alcohol around me. Don’t ‘not drink’ just because I can’t. I’M the one with the problem, not you. And although I would LOVE to join you, I won’t. I know better.

PLUS, I am now a permanent DD! I always wanted one of those 😂


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