#LifeWithCharlie - March Break At The Discovery Centre!!


March Break is coming and it’s time to make your plans!

Some suggestions; Head to the beach with hot chocolate to watch the waves. Try a new spot for lunch that you’ve eyeing up…Dress up to make it an ‘event’. If you’re feeling extra EXTRA, get the kiddos in on a ‘sorting project’ to clean out the winter toys to make room for spring stuff like, bubbles, skipping ropes and street chalk!


Charlie and I make it a point to at least once a month and every time we go, she is drawn to something different. When she was really little, it was ALL about the ‘Health Centre’ and ‘The Market! Though…They are both STILL her favorite part of the whole experience.

This past trip, (with her BFF, Charlotte) she got digging in the Dexter Construction Zone and took extra interest in the ‘Flight’ section of the DC.  You can make paper airplanes (the proper way), use your own pedaling power to spin and lift a helicopter blade and pick a plane to pilot and learn to fly in our incredibly flight-like simulators

We also spent more time than usual in the ‘Murphy Ocean Gallery'. There’s a wet lab and touch pool where you can get really interactive and what do kids like more than getting a lil’ messy? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

And of course, their featured exhibit, ‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube’. Have you EVER solved one??? You can learn EXACTLY how to do that there, you can create your own haiku with the ‘Haikube’ AND there’s a GIANT, working  rubik’s cube!

You can check out their full march break line up HERE

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