#LifeWithCharlie - My Valentine's 'Story'


Have you seen the "Valentine’s Day is coming! Share your story" thaaaan on FaceBook?


How you met:  Hospital

Where was the first date:  Had some bottles at home

Age difference:  32 Years

Who was interested first:  It was mutual (I assume)

Who is taller:  Me

Who said I love you first:  Definitely me

Most impatient:   Her

Most sensitive:   Her

Most crazy:  Tough call…Me?

Loudest:  HER

Most stubborn:  We’re even!

Falls asleep first:  Depends on the day

Cooks the best:   Her

Better morning person:  Me

Best driver:  Me…For now

Most competitive:  Her

How long has it been:   5.5 Years

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