#LifeWithCharlie - Sober For The Holiday Season.


I'm gonna be perfectly blunt here....


I honesty don’t even know who I am without one...Course, I don’t know who I am with ONE either. That’s the problem.

I hosted my first get together a few weeks back for my first time AF and it was WAY harder than I expected. It was an annual all girl get together and while the other girls had SOME drinks, I drank like 10 ‘fake beer’. It was a real reality check for how much more I always drank than others. There were at least 3 times I found myself holding back tears, not because I couldn’t drink but because I was SO mad at myself for ‘needing’ to.

I knew this was going to be a long journey but I thought by now, I’d be OK with the social settings. I’m really not. And maybe that’s something I have to accept. Maybe I’ll never feel totally OK around groups of people that ARE able to enjoy a few drinks. Or maybe by this time next year, it won’t bother me at all.

Thank goodness Charlie and I have such a busy calendar. Frozen 2, Neptune, Christmas Glow @ The HEC, SANTA!

Putting the Christmas tree up was a real test too. Sitting by the fire and light of the tree with Christmas movies, snacks and wine was my LIFE. I mean, it’s CHRISTMAS!! I can have a few over the Holidays, right??


For the first time in YEARS, this ⬇️ is the only thing getting ‘lit’ this Christmas. #180DaysAndCounting

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