#LifeWithCharlie - The Good That Comes With The Bad

LifeWithCharlie: headBandz

Well, safe to say none of us saw THIS coming. I mean, it’s 2020. I remember years ago thinking that the ‘snuggie’ was the biggest letdown of the ‘future’ but here we are. In a state of emergency...with warm arms while we flip through Crave.

I love my snuggie.

Jokes aside, how are you? Are you anxious? Are you drinking enough water? Are you hiding in the bathroom from your kids to get some ‘you time’?

‘Cause SAME, girl. SAME.

Charlie and I have been working from home for a week now and while it’s SO important for us to be home, safe...I AM LOSING MY DAMN MIND! And you know what used to help with that?


When I first saw the line up (on social media) of the Liquor Stores on PEI after they announced they’d be closing, I thought, “You people are INSANE’!! And then I gave myself a reality check and thought, ‘Who am I kidding’?! A year ago, I’d have been in that line and probably had Charlie with me because the thought of not having booze for ANY amount of time would have made me PANIC!!

When I first heard that the NSLC was considered ‘essential’ I thought ‘What are you even talking about?! Get your toilet paper AND GET THE HELL HOME’! And then, again reality came knocking and I remembered the SWEATING and the shakes and the nightmares that all came with alcohol withdrawal.

Sadly, it really is essential.

It’s been 290 says since I had a drink and within all of the uncertainty and anxiety, I found peace, snuggled up in a snuggie deep inside the PILE of sh*t surrounding us right now. I am STILL sober and so incredibly grateful for it.

If this had been a year ago...

I don’t even want to think about it. It would have been real messy.

Take care of each other...From a distance and most importantly, TAKE CARE OF YOU. XO