Mel’s World: The Shag Harbour UFO Incident!


Jordan Bonaparte host of The Night Time Podcast was kind enough to come into the studio to talk about The Shag Harbour UFO Incident. We didn’t get the opportunity to really get into detail, but if you do decide you want more information the Shag Harbour UFO Society does have a Facebook Page AND this weekend (Sept 29 – Oct 1st) is the 2017 Shag Harbour UFO Festival more info on the festival here


**Audio is low, you'll have to adjust you volume - SORRY**


Thanks again to Jordan Bonaparte, if you want to check out The Night Time Podcast which will be live from the Shag Harbour Festival for a portion of the weekend, you can visit also have a listen to a few episodes, good stuff! 


CTV Atlantic recently wrote about the incident, you can read it here…


What do you think happened in Shag Harbour? Let us know @C100fm on Twitter

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