Seriously, Have you been watching SNOWPIERCER?

Now I need to Binge the whole First season again, and mentally prepare myself for this actors first apperance on the show. 
**Deep Breath In through the nose for three.....One......Two.....Three.....and out for three......One......Two......Three**

Im not SURE that Snowpiercer is the replacement Ive been looking for to replace Game of Thrones, I mean I dont have a reminder in my phone or anything, but I have really enjoyed the story, the "Bad Guys" in the show are ALMOST sympathetic **No I dont mean the First Class Passengers** The underdogs are worth rooting for, and as you watch their stories develop, you quickly become pro-Tailey. 

If you liked the Movie that starred Tilda Swinton and Chris Evans, the sory is different, and I dont think its accurate to call this a prequil so much as a new take on that story. 

Anyway, watch, enjoy, and Brace Yourself. Season 2 Is Coming. 

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