#SnowPatrol goes into the wild


Hey guys, it’s Jenna and Jenna, your C100 #SnowPatrol!! Did you know the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park is open in the winter??? We sure did so we made the little road trip up today after catching a hockey game at the Zatzman Sportsplex and had SO much fun! The weather was BEAUTFIUL (like plus 8… what?!) so all of the animals were out roaming their areas and we snapped some great pics. There were way more people than we expected that would be there and luckily had lots of G-Street Pizza calzones to give out and our ballot box for a Family Staycation from Hotel Halifax!

If you head out on a nice day like today, MAKE SURE you’re prepared for the ice on the trails around the park! The sand had washed away from the melting ice but all of the animals were still accessible to see, don’t worry! Our favourite animals were definitely the Arctic Wolves and the peacocks. The wolves were sooo pretty and came super close to the fence so we could get a good look at them! Speaking of close...the peacocks walked RIGHT in front of us and were not phased by the amount of people there at allll.

We were sad the beavers weren’t around but we got to see the bald eagles looking intimidating as always. Also since when were reindeer actually caribou?! We found that out today and were shook when reading about it…

Unfortunately, there was not enough snow to go snowshoeing around the wetlands but fingers crossed for a few centimetres so we can check it out! If you haven’t been here in the winter yet, it’s definitely a must-see for the whole family! On our way back we of course had to take a Sunday car karaoke in our 2020 Tucson from Steele Hyundai before we fuelled back up at Sobeys Express Needs and FastFuel and ended our weekend. We’re hoping for more of this beautiful weather next weekend when we hit up WENTWORTH again!!! Hopefully you’ll be there so you can win lots of sweet prizes! See you soon!!!