#SnowPatrol @ the Sackville Snow Days


What’s up guys, it’s Jenna and Jenna, your C100 #SnowPatrol! We could not have asked for better weather this weekend for the Sackville Snow Days!! There were TONS of events happening all weekend long and we were so happy we got to join in on some of them. We fuelled up our 2020 Hyundai Tucson from Steele Hyundai at the Sobeys Express Needs and FastFuel on our way to Sackville and grabbed some snacks to start our day. We arrived at Acadia Park just in time for the Winter Play Day to begin!

Our G-Street Pizza calzone samples were a HIT and paired nicely with the free s’mores we made at the fire! We strapped on some snowshoes and took a walk around the park before we hit up the sledding hill. We had a little too much fun and may or may not have competed in a few crazy carpet races with the kids (we’ll leave you to guess who won…). After wiping out a few too many times and getting some funny videos, we headed over to the snow painting then picked up some snow cones!

We left Acadia Park and headed to the Sackville Sports Stadium to do our favourite winter activity… SKATING! We’re definitely getting better and staying more upright than usual after getting some practices in at the Zatzman Sportsplex but we still have a long way to go yet. We finished up our day and were excited for even more fun on Sunday!

We started off our day on Sunday skating (yet again) at the Sackville Arena and it was so busy! Lots of parents dropped their names in to win a Family Staycation from Hotel Halifax and you can too if you see us at any event out this winter! We skated lots of laps and then left to go see Mr. J the magician at the Sackville Heights Community Centre. It was PACKED and at full capacity when we got there so we didn’t get to see much of the fun show but saw a few tricks and then finished our day.

This weekend was definitely one of our favourites, getting to meet so many people and having so much winter fun in the beautiful weather! Stay tuned to hear about our Heritage Day and we’ll see you soon!!!