The Stigma of Cannabis



We see a picture on social media of a mom hugging a wine bottle with the caption” I couldn’t get through the day without you” and we laugh and like it.

Now imagine the same picture but instead of a wine bottle, it’s a joint, pipe or vape pen. Probably not so many likes huh?

Why is that? Why has society accepted alcohol consumption but still frowns upon the use of cannabis? Why are so many people against a plant? A plant that has been scientifically proven to help with seizures and helps alleviate many of the symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis

Cannabis is officially legal in Canada and some people are worried but why?

Personally, I’ve been using cannabis regularly for the last 5 years.  I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol anymore. It triggers my migraines and my depression and even if I only have a couple of drinks, the hangover is real the next 2 days.

These days Big Pharma seems to have the answer to everything and we usually take whatever pills our doctor prescribes and never second guess it.

The research shows, cannabis can help with a lot of issues.

When I was doing a morning show, I literally took a sleeping pill every single night until I discovered CBD oil. It put me right to sleep without any side effects.

FYI - CBD oil has no THC in it which means, you get the benefits of the plant without being high. 

I also suffer from awful anxiety and while I am on medication for this, sometimes I still get terrible panic attacks. Instead of reaching for an Ativan,  I’ll have a little sativa and can feel my nerves come down.

It’s worth a conversation if only to get rid of the stigma because there are many benefits of this plant.

There’s so many strands for different purposes and lots without THC so it helps medically, without giving you the buzz.

Most people who indulge, like to hang out with friends, chill and the only fight they may get into is what conspiracy show to watch. And as a gateway drug? Yes…it’s a gateway to snacks.

Just like anything, there are people who will abuse it and be high all the time and I think that’s what people are scared of. That everyone who smokes will be a zombie but if you use it recreationally, it can have great effects. Remember, everything in moderation! And just like most of us don't go to work drunk, most people who smoke cannabis don't go to work stoned.

If you want to learn more about cannabis there’s tons of documentaries. Some of the best ones;

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Weed the People

Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution

Cannabis: A lost history

Watch a couple of them and learn why this generation is moving away from pills and alcohol and embracing cannabis

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