The Struggle is REAL for Christmas Babies


Christmas babies know the struggle of having your birthday during the Holidays. Point blank it sucks. Your special day is overshadowed with the Holidays.

I personally think my birthday is the WORST of all of them. January 4th. YUP, the end of the holidays. Christmas is over, New Years is over, everyone is broke and tired and there’s usually a storm. My 13th birthday was the major ice storm in Quebec where we had no power.

Last year was the awful storm here where we didn’t have any power. Long story short , there’s usually no power or heat on my birthday.

You also usually get a birthday/Christmas gift. “It’s a big one” they’ll say, “so we made it a combo gift” which is BS cause if my birthday was in July, it would just be my birthday present.

And don’t know why this bothers me so much but it always has, when people wrap your birthday gift in Christmas wrapping paper. Really, you couldn’t even be bothered to go out and get something that said happy birthday?!

So to all the Christmas babies out there, I feel your pain! Besides, Sagittarius and Capricorns are some of the best people I know! Maybe we don’t get fun summer parties and the sun goes down at 4:30 and it’s cold… what was my point again?! Oh yeah we’re awesome!


If it really gets to you, I have a friend that changed her birthday. She celebrates her half birthday in the summer and has a big party, so there’s always that idea.