Will you be ready when you get the call?

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With a lot of people working from home or not working at all, our day to day schedules have definitely changed!

We’re drinking a lot more, showering a lot less and napping to break up the day so when you get the call to go back to work, will you be ready?

For 2 months now we haven’t been getting up to an alarm or driving to work, let alone socializing with other people for 8 hours. It’s going to be a huge adjustment going back!!

How many days or weeks in advance would you need to get you “normal” life back on track?

For me, I think a week warning would suffice. That’s enough time to wean me off my afternoon nap.  The biggest challenge for me is going to be my commute to work. Living in Head of Chezzetcook, I have an hour commute every day and it’s been really nice not having to spend that time in a car! I am excited to see all my co workers and be able to use the proper equipment to do my show! Here’s hoping my clothes still fit though!!!!

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