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A full-colour, spirited romp across Canada from an award-winning, bestselling duo, featuring profiles of distilleries from across the country and tasting notes on commercial and craft spirits In Canadian Spirits, bestselling author Stephen Beaumont (The World Atlas of Beer) and National Magazine Award–winning author Christine Sismondo (America Walks into a Bar) crisscross the country in search of the best whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums, and other assorted and sometimes oddball spirits produced by Canada’s large- and small-scale distillers. Along the way, they trace Canada’s fascinating distilling history, from its humble and quasi-legal beginnings to the dynamic and internationally recognized industry it is today.Featuring over 75 colour photos, Canadian Spirits tells the vibrant stories of Canada’s more than 160 diverse spirits producers, from the massive Hiram-Walker distillery in Windsor, Ontario, to the pioneering Glenora Inn & Distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver’s tiny Odd Society Spirits. In an impartial and accessible tone, the authors provide information on and reviews of craft-distilled spirits and the facilities in which they are produced, creating a distillery tourist’s roadmap to the best places in Canada to explore craft spirits.Bestselling author of Beholden and Mary, Mary brings her sharp Cape Breton wit to her first non-fiction collection, celebrating the little thingsFor the first time, bestselling novelist, columnist, and humorist Lesley Crewe’s finest newspaper columns are collected in one place.Not merely razor sharp, Crewe’s wit is also ocean wide, taking in everything from the humiliations of breast pumping to the indignities of aging, from the frantic excess of holiday preparations to the homey irritations of a long marriage.As precise in her observations as Jane Austen and as fractious on occasion as Oscar the Grouch, Crewe also has a sweet, tender centre, taking us from a hearty laugh to a good cry in a single paragraph. Readers will relate to Crewe’s ache at missing her mom, her nostalgia for her childhood, her frustrations at raising teenagers, and her impatience for terrible parking lot etiquette in equal measure. The book spans sixteen years’ worth of columns for The Cape Bretoner Magazine, Cahoots Magazine, and The Chronicle Herald. Are You Kidding Me?! is a side-splitting, heartwarming, Cape Breton–flavoured celebration of the little things.A narrative history of the most devastating storms on the East Coast, from eighteenth century to present dayWhere there’s a storm, there’s a story, and over the centuries Atlantic Canada has experienced more than its fair share of weather-related disasters. Atlantic Canada’s Greatest Storms chronicles many of the most dramatic and tragic storms that have struck the east coast, from 1745’s Grand Armada Tragedy to 2017’s Ice Storm. In this engaging narrative, author Dan Soucoup recounts the winter blizzards, floods, tornadoes—and even tsunamis—that have created havoc in Atlantic Canada. The story takes readers from the great hurricanes of the North Atlantic—including the 1775 Independence Hurricane, the Saxby Gale in 1869, and Hurricane Igor in 2010—to the terrifying series of blizzards in 1905 that left passenger trains stranded for days in the Annapolis Valley, to Newfoundland’s 1929 tsunami, which devastated the Burin Peninsula and carried people and homes out to sea.

A fun re-imagining of hockey star Sidney Crosby’s early days from the beloved duo behind Skunks for BreakfastMilton the washing machine and W. P. (Whirlpool) the dryer are being delivered to a new home in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The pair are excited to start their new jobs in the Crosby home, and are just getting settled in to the basement when “the kid” comes home from school. Sidney straps on a pair of Rollerblades, drags out a beat-up hockey net, and starts to practice. Every now and then a loud carrong echoes off W. P.’s shiny white enamel as the puck misses the net, prompting scolds from Sidney’s mother upstairs. Eventually, the poor dryer needs to be replaced; it’s missing knobs and covered in dents. W. P. doesn’t want to go, and it’s up to Sidney to convince his dad that sometimes, being reminded of your mistakes is a good thing. An imaginative interpretation of the history of Sidney Crosby’s famous dryer (now a popular attraction at the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame), paired with vibrant artwork from award-winning illustrator Brenda Jones, Sid the Kid and the Dryer will have young readers and sports fans cheering from the sidelines.










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