100 Women Who Care


100 Women Who Care is based on the simple concept of bringing together 100 local women to make a large impact within their community. At an event four times per year, we bring together 100 women who have committed to bring a $100 cheque to be donated to one of the three charities present. These charities are voted upon beforehand and have a chance to present their cause on the night of the event. At the end of the night, all the cheques are made out to the winning charity! 100 women x $100 = $10,000. But it doesn’t stop there! We don’t stop at 100 women; in fact, the more the merrier! We are looking to make the biggest local and immediate charitable impact we can. 100% of the proceeds go towards the winning charity that night.

106.9 Capital FM is proud to sponsor 100 Women Who Care Fredericton.