French national denied Quebec residency over language proficiency

The flag of Quebec flies in this undated file photo. (Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press)

Emilie Dubois says there is little doubt in her mind about her ability to speak French, after all, it's her native tongue.

But the Quebec government doesn't see Dubois' bona fides the same way, denying her permanent residency in the province because part of her PhD thesis was written in English.

Dubois says one out of five chapters of her thesis on cellular and molecular biology was in English because it was based on a published English article in a scientific journal.

The 31-year-old has lived in Quebec for the past eight years, completing her doctorate at Universite Laval in January 2018.

In response to criticism on social media about the decision, a member of the Coalition Avenir Quebec government tweeted they were examining the case.

The Quebec government has come under fire recently for a growing number of controversies surrounding language.