Northwest NB community expresses interest in controversial wind farm project

Wind Farm

If plans to build a wind farm on the Acadian Peninsula fall through, a renewable energy cooperative in the northwestern part of the province is ready to scoop it up.

Bathurst has partnered with a Fredericton-based company to build the wind turbines in Anse-Blue, however nearby residents oppose the project over a perceived lack of consultation as well as the potential impact they could have on their community and environment.

North West Renewable Energy Coopertive president Paul-Emile Soucy says everything's in place to accommodate the wind park in the Local Service District of Claire.

Soucy says his group has the data, engineers, a portion of the funding, as well as the support of citizens and the business community.

He says all that's needed now is an agreement and somebody to buy the power.

Last month the local service district representative of Saint-Jean-Baptiste-Menneval said his community would welcome the project with open arms.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)