Silver Cross Mother calls for demonstration of support for military families


As Canada prepares to mark another Remembrance Day, this year's Silver Cross Mother is calling on Canadians to demonstrate their support for military families.

Reine Samson Dawe was named by the Royal Canadian Legion to represent all mothers who have lost a son or daughter as a result of military service.

She says military families, who sacrifice along with their children when they are deployed overseas, don't want pity.

But, she says, they do deserve respect, as do the soldiers themselves and others who put themselves in harm's way.

And Samson Dawe says that respect should be demonstrated throughout the year, not just on Remembrance Day.

But Canadian War Museum historian Tim Cook says the reality is that Canada has not historically given much thought to military families, and it is only recently that their importance has started to be recognized.

Samson Dawe knows the highs and lows of life in a military family.

Not only did her husband serve his entire career in the Canadian Armed Forces, her four sons all followed in his footsteps.

Her youngest, Captain Matthew Dawe, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2007.