Trudeau defends NATO as French president warns of alliance's 'brain death'


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending NATO after France's president suggested a lack of US leadership is causing the 70-year-old military alliance's ``brain death.''

In an interview published by the Economist magazine, French President Emmanuel Macron warned that European allies must re-assess the alliance given recent US actions under US President Donald Trump.

Trudeau says NATO remains an important alliance among like-minded countries who come together to share values and a commitment to shared security.

Canada currently has about 250 military members involved in a NATO mission to train local forces in Iraq and another 600 troops participating in a NATO mission in Latvia that is serving as a check against Russian aggression in the Baltics.

Macron's public criticism of the state of the world's biggest military alliance was rejected by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg after the two met in Berlin.