Dean Tripp


  • According to science this is the scariest movie ever made!

    Honestly I wasn't expecting that answer since I never saw the movie, but that is also a good thing because if you're like me and have never seen this film... you can enjoy all of it's horrors on Halloween for the first time... So romantic. 
  • 9 month pregnant Fredericton woman fends off Coyotes!

    It was certainly an unexpected event for this local woman who was walking her 2 dogs at Woolastook Park in Fredericton when a group of Coyotes approached her and she protected her 2 dogs. We would love to speak to this woman and hear the story directly from her if you happen to know her.  Chime in your thoughts in the comment section on your facebook page.    
  • You should never send one of these to your boss over text...

    Have you ever accidentally told someone you love them? Like it rolled off the tongue at the end of a conversation? Embarrassing right? It's for this exact reason I'm telling you not to send one of these to your boss over text! Check out the audio and chime in on this post on our Facebook page. 
  • Bubble Concerts are a thing now!

    Have you heard of the Bubble Concert that happened in Oklahoma? This might be the future of concerts! Check out the audio and leave your thoughts on our facebook page!
  • No trick or treating in these parts of New Brunswick!

    There have been guidelines and advice pouring in when it comes to trick or treating this year, but for some parts of New Brunswick there won't be any trick or treating. Listen to the audio to learn more!
  • Some recommended tips for a safe Thanksgiving in New Brunswick!

    With Thanksgiving just around the corner, health officials of New Brunswick have released some tips on how to practice a safe holiday during he pandemic. 
  • If New Brunswickers don't comply, masks could become mandatory NEXT WEEK!

    This morning I spoke with one of our news team members Charles Renshaw about the possibility of masks becoming mandatory next week in New Brunswick if citizens do not comply and wear masks when they're required. 
  • Can a Rat be a wholesome family pet?

    I recently had a friend who adopted two pet Rats and I can't help but wonder why pet Rats? Now one incredible thing to know is that shelters are out of Dogs and Cats during this time which absolutely incredible, but still I wonder if I could of found something other than Rats to fill the void. Now if it came down to having a pet snake over Rats... I would take a hundred thousand Rats over a single snake because snakes are super creepy.
  • Starting Oct 1st masks will be mandatory at these Fredericton locations.

    As the weather gets colder, the thought of people waiting in line outside of Service NB maintaining Physical distance is a chilly thought. Starting on Oct 1st it will be mandatory for you to wear a mask when visiting any Service NB. This will allow them to have more people inside, and less people waiting outside in the chilly weather. 
  • The TikTok Ban in the US is off.

    Hours before the TikTok ban in the US, Donald Trump changed his mind! The app was to be removed from app stores in the US today, and completely removed on Nov 12th, but instead Trump has gone with a deal that will put Orcale and Wal-Mart in charge. 
  • You can now be fined for having a loud vehicle!

    Now I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on bylaws, but I saw this on the city website today and got a good laugh. (Hey, personal note here. This isn't a news story, this is just a topic for discussion, so please don't call my subjects news. I don't do news, I'm in no way a news person... If you're interested in news please visit the news section of the website.) For years the city has attempted to create a new bylaw that would put an end to loud vehicles like motorcycles, or vehicles with custom exhausts, and never really stuck, but it turns out the city already has a bylaw that can apply to noisy vehicles, and now they can enforce this with a fine up to $250. But this bylaw doesn’t stop at vehicles. This bylaw also includes… No Shouting, No Singing, No whistling, No Music, No Moto Vehicles, motorcycles included, no Snowmobiles, Pneumatic hammers… That’s a good one, vehicles of business and trade, construction equipment and machinery and my personal favourite… Animal noises! Anyone think it’s weird that they stumbled upon this already existing bylaw? Animal noises… Whistling… Singing… This sounds like a bylaw that was created in the 1900s that is being applied through a technicality. DO you find anything on this list to be ridiculous? Perhaps there are more things you’d like to add to this list. (Again this is not news story, just a topic of discussion.) - Tripp
  • Facebook is banning live music streams, and music listening experiences!

    Facebook dropped a big announcement that has a lot of people saying "WTH?" They said "You may not post videos on our products to create music listening experiences. This includes Live!"  Facebook says the ability to go live or to share videos is for an individual to share a video with family or friends, not for bands to promote themselves during a pandemic with music listening experiences and live music streams. Bands, accounts, or groups, caught doing so after October 1st will have their videos blocked and risk being banned from the social media platform. You can read facebook's new guidelines to music here - (Yes you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser.. I'm not a tech guy who can make things all clicky like and la dee da.) THANK GOODNESS Harvest 29.5 is Sept 19th which means they will broadcast their music listening experience before the Oct 1st when these new guidelines take affect.