Dean Tripp


  • Tropical Storm to approach Eastern Canada!

    Heads up!!! Looks like we're in for some nasty weather this week! It was announced that tropical storm Isaias is going to throw some heavy rains and wind our way sometime mid-week!  Recommend you prepare for power outages! - Tripp
  • Could we soon be allowed to drink at parks?

    What are your thoughts on being able to crack a cold one in a park? There’s talk about this becoming a thing, though I think the chances of it are pretty low. Here’s the thing, this virus we’re dealing with is more often being spread at parties, and people are social creatures. Trying to stop a human from socializing is like trying to take a fish for a walk, it’s possible but extremely unlikely to happen. So why have laws that force people to socialize indoors where there’s less space? Wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to socialize with a cold one somewhere outdoors with wide open spaces? Problem is there’s going to be someone who takes it for granted and takes it too far. Next thing you know kids are watching Uncle Paul hovered over a trash can mumbling prayers to himself while he waits for the world to stop spinning.
  • Regis Philbin passed away at 88.

    Regis Philbin had a 60 year career, so its hard to find anyone who doesn't recognize his name, face, or even his iconic voice. In a statement made from his family, they said he passed away from natural causes, and thankful for all the support they're receiving. They're also asking for some privacy while they mourn. Regis was who you spent the day with when you skipped school in the 90s with his iconic day time talk show, and later hosting the iconic game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. He was about 1 month away from his 89th birthday. Rest well Regis.
  • Guy disturbs line up at Service NB with violin!

    So something weird happened at the service NB Monday. Monday is a day I don’t work. I use that day to get things done, and today actually marks my 1 year anniversary with the station, which also meant my license plate sticker was due. Now I know you can do it online, but honestly there’s nothing worse than trying to figure out the proper sites to use, and finding all the information they need to prove you are who you claim to be.  Anyways… Got there 10 minutes before opening, the line was about a block long. This guy appears with a shopping cart, and pulls out this out of tune violin and started to… well... It wasn’t music he was playing, he was torturing that violin. Such a beautiful instrument the violin. I’ve always held that instrument and those who master it in the highest of regards. I felt bad. I wanted to put that instrument out of its misery. The folks there didn’t know how to deal with that kind of disturbance. They all went quiet. We’ve all seen some awkward line ups… That one was uncomfortable.  
  • Why you should keep Kleenex in the car!

    Have you ever laughed and had… and had a bubble come out of your nose? It’s really important to blow your nose!  Have you ever been talking to someone you think is cute and while laughing have a bubble pop out of your nose… No coming back from that!
  • Fredericton Local makes Food Truck Tracker site!

    Love food trucks but have a hard time keeping track of where they're going to be? Fredericton local and twitter user @RayDoesData put together a website that will track the food trucks for you!  If you're interested in visiting his website you can at
  • Here's how many vehicles crossed the border yesterday!

    Yesterday must of been a long day for the people who are monitoring the traffic coming and going from New Brunswick since the announcement of Atlantic Bubble! Here's how many vehicles crossed in or out of New Brunswick. 
  • If the Atlantic Bubble was a movie, this would be the trailer!

    From the imagination of Dean Tripp... If the Atlantic Bubble was a movie, this would be the trailer! 
  • What if movie trailers: The Atlantic Bubble!

    If the Atlantic Bubble was a movie, this would be the trailer! 
  • A new amendment could change how NB restaurants sell wine!

    Could the Liquor Control act change for the first time in 12 years? A new amendment was brought up this week that would change how restaurants can sell wine, which would allow people to bring home an open bottle of wine, and also let someone bring a resealed or closed bottle from one residence to another. But that’s as far as it goes… you can move said bottle from point A to point B.
  • Some Fredericton North Market vendors have found a new home!

    Some Fredericton North Market vendors have found a new home! The north side market is going to remain closed for an indefinite amount of time, but some of the vendors who used to sell their goods and crafts have found a new spot to set up for the year. The plan is to set up 10 vendors in the exhibition centre parking lot, so yes the South side will get to enjoy 2 markets this year! Luckily the exhibition centre is pretty much right across the bridge and now you can drive the exciting Victoria circle. North side residents don’t get a lot of time with Victoria circle, especially if it’s your first time driving the circle, what a rush. I remember I saw a van turn left one day… That was scary and fun to watch. Vendors at the exhibition centre can start selling goods on June 26th.
  • Freddy Splash Pad will remain closed!

    The Splash Pad is going to remain closed throughout the summer. Despite that while we’re in the yellow recovery phase splash pads could be opened, the reason ours will remain closed is because it’s a very constricted area, and I remember last year driving past it every day, there would be a good amount of people hanging out while their kids ran around doing what kids do, it’s a popular spot during hot days, and they’re concerned that physical distancing won’t be manageable, there’s a lot of surface areas there that would be constantly touched, so instead the city has put resources towards the Freddy indoor pool, areas like Killarney Lake, they’re working on ways to have more shallow pools available for the kids in some of these areas. So still lots of options for making a splash this summer.